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A community support project for local families

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All the recipes we use in our food project are free for anyone to use! Click a recipe to download it and give it a try at home. Let us know how you got on by sending us a message!
Click here to jump straight to vegetarian recipes.

Bangers and mash.png

Bangers and mash

BBQ pork chop.png

BBQ Pork

beef and onion pie 5 (1).jpg

Beef and onion pie



Chicken and mango curry.png

Chicken and mango curry

Chicken fajitas.png

Chicken fajitas

Chicken pasta bake.png

Chicken pasta bake

Chicken schnizel.png

Chicken schnitzel

Chicken skewers.png

Chicken skewers

Chilli beef nachos.png

Chilli beef nachos

Chilli con carne.png

Chilli con carne

Coronation chicken.png

Coronation chicken jacket

Coronation chicken

Fish finger sandwich.png

Fish finger sandwich

Flatbread pizza.png

Flatbread pizza

Gammon and pineapple.png

Gammon and pineapple

Homemade burger.png

Homemade burger

Hunters chicken.png

Hunters chicken



Macaroni cheese.png

Mac and cheese

Minced beef cobbler.png

Minced beef cobbler

Pork chow mein.png

Pork chow mein

Roast chicken pie.png

Roast chicken pie

Sausage casserole.png

Sausage casserole

Sausage ragu.png

Sausage ragu

Shepherds pie.png

Shepherds pie

Sloppy joes.png

Sloppy joes

Souffle jacket potato.png

Souffle jacket potato

Spaghetti and meatballs.png

Spaghetti and meatballs

Toad in the hole.png

Toad in the hole

Tuna pasta bake.png

Tuna pasta bake

Turkey meatballs.png

Turkey meatballs

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian recipes
Avocado and lime spaghetti.jpg

Avocado and lime spaghetti

Baked eggs.png

Baked eggs

Bean burgers.png

Bean burgers

Cauliflower cheese.png

Cauliflower cheese

Cheese and onion pie.jpg

Cheese and onion pie

Cheesy herb cakes.png

Cheesy herb cakes

Cheesy gnocci.png

Cheesy gnocchi

Courgette soup.jpg

Courgette soup

Creamy spinach and mushroom pasta.png

Creamy spinach and mushroom pasta



Gardeners pie.png

Gardener's Pie

Lemon pasta.png

Lemon pasta

Mexican bean soup.png

Mexican bean soup

Mushroom risotto.png

Mushroom risotto

Polenta and mushroom tart.jpg

Polenta and mushroom tart

Potato nachos.png

Potato nachos

Stuffed peppers.jpg

Stuffed peppers

Vegetable curry.png

Vegetable curry



Tomato baked rice.png

Tomato baked rice

Somerset stew with cheddar mash.jpg

Somerset stew with cheddar mash

Spicy cauliflower rice.jpg

Spicy cauliflower rice

Squash dhansak.png

Squash dhansak

Tomato risotto.png

Tomato risotto

Vegetable chilli.png

Vegetable chilli

Vegetable cous cous.png

Vegetable cous cous

Vegetable quiche.png

Vegetable quiche

Veggie lasagne.png

Veggie lasagne

veggie pasta bol.png

Veggie pasta bolognese

Veggie pie.png

Veggie pie

Zingy Veg traybake.png

Zingy veg traybake

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